JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The finer side of pick ups

After reading sealwhiskers's glorious outpouring about one-liner posts last night, I just had to indulge m'self in a bit of buddy-pokling. But tonight you can have the cheerful tale.

After a pause for a moment to realize "Holy cow! I've been walking to and from work for nearly a year now! ... how time flies!"

Anyhoooooo ... it's only takes me between twenty and twenty-five minutes to walk from home to work and vice-versa, so I don't consider it a hardship (and I have been losing weight in a slow-paced and healthy way ... I do so much better with exercise-with-a-purpose than with machine'n'routine). Yeah, yeah, I know ... get on with it. Several of my co-workers drive along the same route that I walk, so once in while one of them will stop and offer me a lift in the morning ... only once in a while, because it's a narrow industrial street most of the way, with no shoulder to pull onto and with a blind curve on it and I've made sure that word has got 'round that I have no problem with walking and a BIG problem with anybody endangering themselves or other drivers by stopping in an unsafe place/manner (not to mention that I don't particularly care to get into a vehicle that's liable to get hit while I'm doing so ... yeah, I'm an ungrateful bitch and they love me for it ***GRIN***)

So on Wednesday morning, when a car pulled over across the street at a safe'n'legal crossing place before the industrial narrowing and the driver's window opened to let an arm extend and wave me over, I thought nothing of it ... not one of the usual familiar vehicles but I've had co-workers mention having seen me and feeling bad about not being able to stop because I was in the unsafe zone, and since there are about eighty of us working at the ULS warehouse now, it's not really possible to know what everyone drives. So figure it's one of them, wait for a truck to go past and then cross, walk up to the passenger door that's being pushed open ... and the driver is a young woman I've never seen before in my life! She gave me a big smile and said "I see you every morning and I thought because it's cold today you might like a ride." How sweet. Her name is Elisabeth, she's from Uruguay, and I'm sure she would have driven me to the other side of the city if I'd let her ... 'twas difficult to convince her that she could drop me off within a couple of minutes of picking me up because it's really not that far as the car flies.

And the tale doesn't end there. Thursday, I'd left work, and just crossed the street at the traffic light to get onto the industrial that leads home when a car whipped into the law firm driveway just in front of me and the passenger door flew open. Elisabeth again. So a lift home past the new ice patches and a bit of a job convincing that, yes, I live that close (for those trying to visualize this, the industrial street is about six or seven long city blocks in length, but without any cross-streets intersecting it except at its beginning and end, and with a choice of four footpath routes instead of sidewalks ... locationwise, I actually do live at one end of it and work at the other end).

So just a sweet little tale of encountering a very nice person. I may see her again, I may not. But either way, it was lovely of her to do it. :-)

P.S. And for anyone having a heart attack over how it could have been a rapist or a serial killer or something ... while not full daylight, it's now light enough in the morning to see decently, it was a compact car so well-windowed that it was easy to tell the driver was alone before I got near (while I don't have all the cars and pick-up trucks at work memorized, I do know nobody at work drives a van or similar style of favoured grab-vehicle of whackos, so one of those would have just set off alarm bells) and while I couldn't see the face until I was over there, I could tell 'twas female with hair similar to several folk I do know, this was in the pre-industrial part of the street which is commercial on once side, residential on the other, and with a police station within screaming distance, and there were other commuting pedestrians and vehicles around, as most of the businesses along there start work, like my own warehouse, at 7:30 a.m. or earlier. Practically the only way to be safer would be to have been in the cop shop's own parking lot. ***GRIN***

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