JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

As if I could ever keep my hands off any new "toy" for long ...

... and because I lack self-discipline in this, there's a shiny new by-title movie list up over at JLS' Collections, using the new'n'improved HTML Export setup. Only have control over certain parts of the display, but have been able to make some changes to how the individual titles look when clicked on, and, overall, the new method is pretty darned slick. Bonus: the second viewing list sorted by LC Call No. (which groups genres together) is now up and running after being "coming soon" for so long ... there is a handful of available-online films at the beginning that I haven't assigned numbers to yet, but the rest should be all neatly in order (unless, of course, I've made a typo ***GRIN***)

Happy browsing!
Tags: computer, viewing

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