JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just when I think I have some vague idea of what I'm doing ...

Fredrik Nordbakke, creator of my home cataloguing software, is an evil evil man.

Just when I've finally got a bit of a handle on .xsl ... not that I could write up a template from scratch, but I can at least comprehend what I'm seeing well enough to successfully edit existing templates to get what I want appearing on my webpages ... he releases a new version of CATVids. And puts THIS at the top of the new features list:

* HTML Export: The HTML Export module has been completely rewritten.
Instead of having to manually edit xsl templates, you can now easily set up everything
from within the program without having to even look at the xsl templates!

Of course I'm going to update ... he's got, as always, a ton of good fixes and enhancements in the new tweak. But now I've got fighting-off-the-urge-to-spend-hours-playing-with-the-new-toy-immediately added to my to-do list for the weekend ... ;p
Tags: computer

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