JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Home from the shops ...

... dairy/grocery section of drugstore, bakery, butcher (where one can buy free-range eggs & homegrown potatoes & onions, as well as melt-in-your-mouth, hormone-free, flavour-packed bits of critters). Can't believe I forgot to take the AALT memembership cheque that I had to buy a stamp for and mail, which was the whole reason for planning my foraging in that direction today. :p Had the Polish Deli on my visit list too, but a glance through the front window told me that there were so many people already inside that I was unlikely to find any oxygen to breathe, so I passed on by. And realized that in all the times I've been in that place I've never actually SEEN the deli part ... no matter what day or time of day I go in it's so swarmed with customers that it's invisible. So I always end up mooching through the rest of the store shelves, freezers, and coolers ... along with the meat that's supposedly in there behind the heaving mass of humanity, there are more accessible things like homemade cabbage rolls, perogies, fresh-baked poppyseed "jellyroll", etc. However now I'm pondering getting myself over there early enough one morning to see if the deli crowd are lined up on the sidewalk outside the door, with folding chairs, blankies, and sleeping bags ... but I'm also scared to do this in case they really are ...

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