JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Chnnging changeables

'twas a frosty -13C when I set out for my optometrist appointment this morning, so dressed appropriately. Up to a non-frosty, bordering-on-balmy -2C when I got out, complete with full-power sun, so arrived back home drenched in sweat. 'tis the season where you really can't win in the attempt to dress for the weather.

But home with the good news that eyes continue to be in good shape, with, once again, no trace of any of the many ills that contact lens wearers can be subject to. Left eye prescription unchanged, but my right eye needs to have the distance strength bumped up a little ... not a surprise as that's where the everchanging astigmatism lurks. However that means I have to start reading labels when I start a new pair of lenses each month ... the half-decade of blissfully grabbing any two containers 'cause both eyes get the same thing is over.

I'm also being changed to a different brand of bifocal ... made from a new material that's supposed to give slightly sharper vision than other lenses at the same strength, which means I may see my essential ability to read tiny print up close improve even though my near vision "settings" are the same as before. And I think there's something behind this claim as I just picked up a DVD case and didn't have that millisecond of eye adjustment before being able to read that bitty print at the bottom. This is a very good thing for a cataloguer. :-)

And now, off to play with sticks and string and watch season two of Alfresco

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