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And in other progress ...

Realized that the rainbow jacket has been hogging all the space here, but I have also been making rapid progress on the Arctic Scarf Mark III. This one is my workplace coffeebreak project ... so mindless I could do it in a coma and no increases, decreases, or other pattern-following stuff that can be messed up by the distractions of conversation or co-workers who wander in and want to take a look/pet the yarn. Also cuts down my caffeine intake because if I've got this to occupy my hands, I skip the afternoon cuppa and just knit. And the doubled yarn + large needles = every row is 1/2 inch of scarf length ... I generally manage 3 rows per break, which means the scarf gets 3 inches longer every day. :-)

Being worked with two strands of Lamb's Pride Superwash, one in black and one in mahogany, on 10mm needles. For my non-knitting/crocheting buddies, "superwash" is wool yarn that has been treated so that it can be machine washed without felting or shrinking.

Close-up of stitch pattern with colour washed out by flash. This is "straight up and down" view ... stitches slant at 45 degree angle on both sides of the scarf (100% reversible)

Tags: knitting

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