JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Rainbow Jacket progress report

Progress in reverse today ... somebody got so gung-ho on knitting that she forgot to check the pattern and now has to tink several rows back to the spot where she was supposed to divide the top of the sleeve to make the neck opening and start working front and back separately. A braver person would lay the work out flat, pull out the circular needle and carefully rip back the rows ... I'm not that brave because that kind of thing can backfire and I'd be screwed and have to start to whole thing over if it did. Besides, I've noticed that the alpaca yarn has certain sproingy properties, which means it's liable to highspeed self-unravel in spots, like a run dashing down a stocking.

So am taking the slow and careful route to corrected stitching, with The Day of the Triffids as entertainment. At the rate I'm going, should hopefully be back to where I can go forward again sometime tomorrow.
Tags: knitting, viewing

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