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More good tunes ...

Wow, the local HMV has been doing well lately, doing the radical and actually stocking something in the "World" section besides Puto Mayo compilations, Ricky Martin (who I have trouble thinking of as "World", even though I know that, technically, he qualifies), and lots and lots of name markers with no CDs behind them. Variety in that section = good for them (and the artists, exposure- and royalty-wise) and dangerous for me and my wallet. ;p

Last night's happy find: Amadou & Mariam (I believe there are track samples on the site) ... and had a choice of 2 albums! Bought one to see if I liked 'em and now I'm gonna have to go back and get the other. Shoulda known ... if it's from Mali's exceptionally lush and varied music scene, it's gonna be good by default. Yeah, I seem to have gone on a completely unintentional Mali kick lately ... a combination of hearing stuff on CKUA, getting and watching Michael Palin's "Sahara" mini-series on DVD (he visited Toumani Diabete, a 71st-generation musician, while passing through Mali), and the general side effect of lots of guest performing on recordings which leads to easily learning to recognize names and thus leads to buying more recordings ... (still have to get some Toumani CDs, though I've at least got him guesting on my Vieux Farka Touré CD)

Mebbe I need to psyche myself into a couple of special overtime Saturdays, to be splurged on a big music acquisition binge ...

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