JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Sometimes the use of intelligence is overrated

I've been copying/pasting and fiddling with .xsl code for months now, trying to get the subject headings in my home database to appear on my book/movie/music lists online. Was throwing all the logic I could at the problem ... using other pieces of information that are set up in a similar way in the database and ARE appearing properly in the lists as models, going through the local display coding with a fine toothed combe to make sure of correct terminology, etc., etc. Nary a trace of successful result.

Tonight I took a bash at it WITHOUT engaging my brain. And it works. Go figure. :p Not the epitome of perfection ... the subject headings all appear on one line, so'll I'll have to attmept to get them on separate lines some other braindead time ... but it is possible to tell 'em apart.

The advantage to those of you who look at these lists: titles that may lack a summary will now have other information to give you a clue to what they're about ... exciting, no?

Am running the HTML conversion for the book database right now, so should have the updated lists and descriptions posted before I go to bed tonight (I need to run separate conversions for call number, title, and author lists). Sometime in the near future I'll hopefully be doing the same for movies and music ... provided the code tweak that works in books will work for those as well. Mind you, that's logical thinking, so there's a chance it won't ... ;p
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