JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

There and back again

Little things done ... have been to the local postal outlet and traded my accumulation of parcel notices for actual parcels (hey, it's been cold, I've had a cold ... nasty cold of any species equals don't go out to anywhere you don't absolutely have to). Took a big plastic bag of plastic bags with me to put in the recycling container, and then did my bit to support local business by stopping in the bakery (not the one that makes the rice cakes, but a more traditional one), where I got sandwich rolls, quiche, and a free lemon turnover because the last apple one jumped out of the tongs and floordived while the bakress was trying to put it in a bag for me, and then the butcher shop where I acquired a chicken, some steaks, apple spice sausages, and the cutest little thing I've ever seen ... a new product on offer there:

I know it'll be yummy ... all their "convenience foods" (which they make themselves) are yummy ... but it just looks so funny!

Onion soup Onion soup

And now off to listen to my new Frankie Howerd CD and, possibly, make myself do something useful ...
Tags: food

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