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A Cataloguer's Desktop Tidbit

"Being in love is never about sex. It's what feels like another God-given call, something equally divine. There's no greater turning point than that in anyone's life"

Beautiful words that caught my eye as I flipped through Sister Karol Jackowski's The Silence We Keep : a Nun's View of the Catholic Priest Scandal while cataloguing it (yeah, I know you think I READ all the books ... physical description requires flipping through each book to check for illustrations, maps, pages of plates, etc. :P ). Sister Karol doesn't claim to have produced a scientifically researched publication; she states at the beginning that this book contains her thoughts, feelings and opinions ... not only about the sexuality of priests and nuns, but about the history and future of the Church that she loves (while being fully aware of its warts) and serves.

Definitely not a scholarly volume, but one that looks interesting and that provides a look at the world from a rarely available viewpoint.
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