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Fruit juice with a warning

Interesting stuff this ... a product of Minute Maid finally catching on they are losing potential customers thanks to the high added-sugar content of their fruit punches and recently putting out a no-sugar-added line. With a twist.

There are three products (available as frozen concentrate in stores here, anyway) in the new "Fruit Solutions" line: Omega 3 (which has fish oils mixed into the juice ... no they don't float on top), Healthy Start (a mixture designed to provide a whallop of vitamins and minerals), and Immune Support. The first two I've tried previously and liked ... they taste good and do make me feel more in balance (seem to be good craving suppressors too, and as cravings usually have their roots in something the body is low on, they're obviously supplying something necessary). However I'd skipped the Immune Support because, although it looks like a tasty blend, it has something no other frozen juice concentrate has ... dosage and consumption limits warnings printed on the can. However, with my sinuses in full flood and no sign of running dry anytime soon, I decided to try it out because it does contain added zinc, a substance which makes life extra-tough for the average rhinovirus. Tastes yummy ... a plus right there (possibly a dangerous plus for consumers who don't read the directions, but I'm not one of those). Drank about .75 of the daily maximum dose shortly before bedtime and got in my eight hours without being woken once by inability to breathe, parchment dry throat from breathing through mouth, etc. (unlike the previous night) until morning (had all that then, but, y'know, it's not so bad if you've had the luxury of a full night's uninterrupted sleep) ... I'm guessing the stuff helped hold off or reduce the mucous overproduction for most of the night, but wore off close to morning. Good ol' zinc. :-)

So today I'm taking half the dose right now and will take the other half this evening and see what happens.

P.S. I couldn't find any mention of these special juices on the main American Minute Maid site, only on the Canadian subsite, so 'tis possible they aren't available down there (yet, anyway). Or could just be that the company is really crappy at keeping their online product list updated. ;p

P.P.S. Interesting ... there is a fourth juice in this line, Anti-Ox, that I haven't seen ... could be that it's only around in carton form so far, which is a section of the grocery I never browse as I prefer the frozen concentrates (preference dates back to an episode of a Canadian consumer program I saw in my teens, which cheerfully pointed out that though there were laws and standards governing the production of juice concentrates, there were absolutely none about the quality of the water used to reconstitute 'em for carton products ... yeah, yeah, there may be now, but if I do it myself I know for SURE!)
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