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The usefulness of holidays

After a year of seemingly continuous interruptions and crises at work, my normally very long attention span/ability to focus has been in shreds for quite a while ... it became difficult to concentrate on any one thing for more than a short space even at home on evenings or weekends, and since most of my reviving recreational interests/hobbies require a fair amount of stick-to-it-iveness, I was being deprived of the R&R they give back because I just couldn't do 'em for long enough. And round and round and round ...

Hence the starting of and LJ reports on the rainbow jacket ... having a goal of being able to show that I'd done something (whether anybody out there was interested or not) has had me knitting for a solid and reasonably lengthy block of time nearly every evening and chunks of each weekend day since I cast it on, and with the added benefit of putting movies/TV series in the player while I do so and actually paying full attention to them as well, with no wandering off to do other things. And now, with a block of days off from work giving me more time to spend on it, the focusing has become "I wanna" instead of "you must for your own good" and my brain is starting to feel like my own again. Well, aside from the bug I picked up on Saturday in either the wall-to-wall people yarn shop or the wall-to-wall people Swiss grocery (both with post-Christmas sales in full swing at the time). But even having clogged/attempting-to-drain sinuses and having to glug lots of liquids (have to get to the local grocery to resupply orange juice and blueberry tea today) is a form of return to normalcy. I posted a mention of learning about migraines-without-pain from reading Avram Davidson's "Adventures in Unhistory" a short while back and wondering if the occasional recurring head pressure I'd been feeling and thinking was sinus onset might be that instead ... research says yes, it likely is, as other symptoms also all match up (here they're best known as "silent migraines", though I seem to be suffering a fairly mild form (so far, anyway). So feeling the inside-the-cranium pressure building again on Sunday, right in line with a drastic pressure change from high to low in my location, it was actually a relaxing relief to wake up to sinus cavities filled with gunk and realize I just had an old-fashioned virus likely acquired from the crowds. This kind of thing keeps up, I'll likely voluntarily cuddle bubonic plague bacilli by the end of the decade (and yes, I know about Giant Microbes ***GRIN***)

Anyhoo ... must now get dressed and out and resupplied and then back to the needles ... I wanna see this sucker done! (well, actually, that and I wanna see the Cables After Whisky! sweater started! which is a GOOD thing)
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