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Yarn sales can be very dangerous ...

On the plus side, yarn is legal, non-fattening, doesn't cause brain damage (well, not much, anyway ***GRIN***) and can be turned into something useful:

Noro Taiyo: 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool, 15% nylon. Have no idea what it'll become, but cheery colours are never a bad idea in winter-intended knitwear.

Malabrigo Lace: 100% baby merino wool. Again, no specific pattern plans, but I've been coveting the newish Malabrigo rack at the store for a couple of months ... one of the ultimate pettable yarns. Just to give you an idea ... on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being soft and 10 being steel wool scratchy, your average angora kitten or rabbit is about a seven while Malabrigo is a .5

Berroco Comfort: a microfibre yarn and the only purchase with its future planned. I bought the Cables After Whisky! sweater pattern a while back and have been looking for a washable yarn to make it in ... was kinda veering away from "wool" wool, as I didn't want to be overwarm, and had actually been contemplating bamboo yarn, since it forms nice cables and wouldn't melt me (and then there was the matter of colour ... too dark hides the design). Had found one lovely superwash wool blend in red, but the store was one skein short of the amount I would need (and none in the back room ... 'twas checked). At which point the staffer helping me recommended this ... she gets the same "ick" feeling I do for most synthetics, but high-end microfibres are in a class of their own and this yarn is one that she can wear comfortably, so that bodes well for me. Interesting structure too ... the same fibre braiding as round shoelaces.

Tags: knitting

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