JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Reprieve! Of a sort ...

A drastic change in our local forecast ... now we're zooming up to -10C/-16C tomorrow! (warm enough to snow ... oh goody ... we needed more of that)

Windchill really does make a difference ... it felt much colder coming home tonight at -22C than it did going in this morning at -30C. Difference being that the air was absolutely still this morning ... nary a whisper of breeze. (Thanks to that, I arrived at work sweating, since I had bundled for the predicted -40C windchill and there's no really good way undo my "bundling" without stripping off all outerwear and starting over ... not something one wants to do outdoors halfway to destination)

Arctic scarf continues to serve well (and was contributing to the sweating this morning)... I wear it wrapped in a way that's reminiscent of a hijab ... a very thick, fuzzy hijab. ;p

BTW, cashmere dress socks are actually warmer/better insulators than any of the thicker ones in my drawer ... must remember to buy more as I only own three pairs (not as expensive a plan as it sounds, as I got my current ones at $10.00 per pair at a clothing liquidator in the strip mall that's kitty-corner from my apartment building. (Winners, aka, "Poorly-Constructed-Polyester-Crap-With-Flashy-Labels-R-Us" ... socks are the one thing I'll buy there because they do end up with good ones)

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