JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Now you see, now you don't progress ...

Have been working away at my Rainbow Jacket ... 'tis extra slow going now as the jacket front and back were added onto the sleeve yesterday, tripling the number of stitches per row (you can't really see that because those stitches are all scrunched up at each side so that the sleeve patterning could be laid out flat. There's now enough illusion stitching done that the design is visible straight on in the stripy view. But the full effect still depends on the angle of view ...

And that's not the only item currently on needles ... another stab at sock making is also going on, with sock #1 completed and #2 close to turning the heel. Heel-turning is one of those things I have to do all in one go so I can keep track of where I am, so requires a large chunk of a weekend day rather than snatched bits of weekday evenings. Right now the illusion work is fascinating me (plus I wanted to get as much as the second section of purple striping done in daylight as possible, to avoid that difficulty in telling it apart from black under artificial light), but I'll be still doing some sock work whenever all I'm up to is going 'round and 'round in circles ... ;p

BTW, today I discovered that "Pitch Black" makes excellent knitting viewing ... all that percussive music has a perfect stitching rhythm ...

And now, back to getting as much purple as possible done in the hour or so of daylight that remains (it's dark here by 5:00 p.m. these days).
Tags: knitting

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