JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Link cruising ...

Am doing a bit of that really fun thing ... checking out the links on some recently webstrip sites to discover new strips. I work on the premise that if I really like the work of an artist/writer, I'll probably enjoy their recommendations as well ... so far I'd say that the similar tastes theory works about 90% of the time. Unfortunately for me, as I keep discovering more good stuff than I can possibly keep up with reading ***whimpers***. However, I continue to link 'em to my webpage's comics section, figuring that even if I don't have time, somebody else who does might discover & love 'em.

But gotta share today's first discovery, as it's so brand shiny new (only three instalments old, so no archives to catch up on) and it made me grin: The Roach Liberation Front. I'm tellin' ya, the cutest cockroaches since archy of archy and mehitabel. Really.
Tags: reading, webpages

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