JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Miyake top update ...

..., or, How to make a fabric store employee very very happy.

Had to make a quick run down to the shop where I bought the fabric for my Miyake top (realized I had no fusible interfacing left and need it for next sewing project that is cut out and waiting to go), so decided to wear it down there on the off chance that the staffer who helped me, and who was so fascinated by the pattern, was on duty today. Found her and she was thrilled to see the completed piece (and hauled me off to show a couple of co-workers) ... told me that people are ALWAYS promising to come back and show her their completed projects and they never do. She had a contemplative gleam in her eyes when I left ... I may see her wearing Miyake next time I'm in ... ***grin***

P.S. Doing little things like this pays off ... she dug me out some bolt-end interfacing that she knew had been stashed under one of the cutting tables -- marked down 60% just 'cause it was a little crumpled (like that matters with fusible ... it's gonna get ironed). :-))))))

P.P.S. anotheranon, the staff agree ... the edges should be finished in some way. So it's some sort of binding for the next one!

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