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Since ...

... even the trees in our sheltered courtyard are being windwhipped so that they look like triffids in death agonies, I'm quite happy to stay indoors today (especially as I got a mini-duststorm right in the face yesterday) reading my newly-acquired-from-our-showroom copy of Dark Banquet. But, for some unfathomable reason, it's making me very thirsty ... ;p

UPDATE: Oh, what a wonderful, cover-to-cover in one day read! And funny! Sanguivores + scientist/author with a twisted sense of humour = great educational entertainment! (and, if you like this kind of thing, the author himself recommends Candiru : life and legend of the bloodsucking catfishes, which he says is a lot of fun to read ... note: if you are in the least bit squeamish and/or easily freaked out, I do NOT recommend looking up "candiru" to see what it is. I already knew about 'em before I read this book and you won't like it. Trust me)

Of course now I want a more thorough book about the three species of vampire bats after reading the tantalizing tidbits about their behaviour and intelligence in this book ... didja know that the white-winged vampire has learned to creep along the ground, imitating the movements of chicks, so that hens will let them snuggle up? (the leeches, ticks, etc., are all pretty much covered in my copy of Parasite Rex). Yet another case of reading just leads to more reading ... rabbits of the mind. ;p
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