JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Jackrabbit giggles

Sorry, no photographs ... just something observed while out strolling. I've seen jackrabbits do the minimal lollop that moves them a few centimetres to fresh grass. I've seen them in the full-flight leaps that can take 'em across a four-lane street in two jumps. And I've seen them in that really weird gait where they rise up to the full length of their legs and trot short distances in a doglike manner.

But last night ... last night a wary jack in a patch of grass next to the sidewalk wasn't scared enough of pedestrian-me to run, but didn't want me to get too close either. So I got to see a new kind of movement ... partly risen up and front and back legs pushing up simultaneously in a series of very odd little hops (normally back legs push off and front legs are for landing). The closest mind picture I can give is for anybody who remembers the old Warner Brothers Pépé Le Pew cartoons ... y'know that odd little leisurely springy-hoppy prance he does when happily pursuing an unwilling female? That's EXACTLY what this jackrabbit did. And immediately triggered Pépé's theme music for those moments in my far-too-cluttered-with-trivia brain.

I'm gonna have to start taking the camera with me when I'm out at night ...

P.S. Those who don't know (or can't remember) the Le Pew prance ... check the 4:43 mark here
Tags: wildlife

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