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A one-day weekend this week ... yesterday was our annual mandatory working Saturday (in exchange for which the company closes an extra day during the Christmas season). 'twas a tad easier for everyone to drag themselves in because this year it was Thanksgiving week, so we'd had Monday off and technical it was only the fifth working day of the week (other years it's been the week following ... a six-day week after a four-day week HURTS!)

After work, a small group of us went to the quite-good Chinese buffet in my neighbourhood for dinner, and then myself and another went off to investigate the movie costume sale being held this month by local designer, Wendy Partridge. The dinky little photo accompanying the link doesn't do the place justice ... 5 tiered racks of costumes all the way up the ceiling of the warehouse, with a big forklift + platform for fetching stuff down from upper atmosphere. 'twas interesting to browse through the gear ... everything from fine laces and corsets to parade costumes from the Calgary Olympics in '88 to realistic stuff like firefighting gear and uniforms from Paul Gross' recently-released Passchendaele. While fun to visit, it was easy to resist purchasing, as most of the costumes on offer were obviously for background extras ... looked good at a distance, but close up they were poorly made and sometimes of rather frightening fabrics (like a the burgher-style, ankle length coat of cheap brown synthetic doubleknit!). The few outfits that were well-constructed and of good fabric tended to have sunfade or other damage (like a lovely, slinky, dark-ruby velvet twenties-style evening gown that had had the pile irreparably wrecked over one hip ... could be creatively covered, but the line of the dress would never be quite right then). So we just had fun poking through the racks, safe even from temptations of buying something badly made just for the fabric, just giggling at the scarier materials/constructions and trying to identify items that seemed vaguely familiar ... guesses were confirmed or proved wrong by flipping through the big portfolio scrapbook at the front that showed what films Partridge had costumed.

The really gorgeous, well-made-and-not-damaged outfits on display were either not for sale or are for sale only on e-Bay ... the latter group includes the truly droolworthy elaborately embroidered robes worn by Rasputin in Hellboy (Ron Perlman's Hellboy outfit, including boots, was also on display and is on offer)

And then home to collapse and with mutual plans to quietly vegetate through todoay, trying to get two days' worth of R&R out of one. As it's to be a quite nippy day, 'twill be easy to flake out in here with the central heating, several pots of blueberry tea, and whatever comfort food I can assemble with little effort. ;p

P.S. Speaking of no-effort comfort food: yet another divine experience for the tastebuds discovered up at Edelweiss recently. Y'know how, when you make a well-filled grilled cheese sandwich (I'm talking made with real cheese here, not processed slices), some of the cheese will leak out and become a browned and tasty little cheese crunchy? Well it's possible to have that without messing up a frying pan. On my previous visit the store was out of the little taste-explosion gouda biscuits that I raved about in a previous entry, so I picked up a box of Roka Cheese Crispies to try out instead. Holy Cow!!! Roka has turned accidental leaky cheese into something you can buy any time. In fact they've made it better! Seriously addictive little munchies ... make the gouda bikkies seem downright ordinary. About 5 kilos worth of high grade toasted cheddar flavour in every ephemeral, paperthin, melt-in-your-mouth, little crispy (and this ain't artificial flavour ... as with all Roka products, this is REAL cheese).

I think I can safely say that any Roka product will make your tastebuds turn up their little toes and die happy. :d
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