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Election amusement

Ours, not the American one, that is (Canada has a federal election called for October 14 ... has it made anyone's news besides ours? ***GRIN***)

For the last month Bushwannabe has been trying to bribe the country into voting him a majority government ... practically overnight millions and millions of dollars are suddenly being poured into or/promised for all kinds of programs that his party didn't approve of when the Liberals were supporting them (y'know, frivolities like health, education, law enforcement, etc.). Yet another $25mill just announced for health on the news just now, which gave me the sudden urge to share.

In the past other parties (including his own) trying to stay in power have had a little subtlety ... starting this kind of thing slowly and gradually over many months before calling an election. This last minute flood approach is so pathetically, painfully obvious I can't decide whether to laugh or despair.

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