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Happiness is a new book!

Another shiny special order book delivered to my desk today ... this time my very own copy of The Ultimate HTML Reference, by Ian Lloyd. A lovely categorical and alphabetical dictionary of every code used in html, with a definition in plain English instead of programmerese, and examples of the code in use and how the coded info appears on the web, and recommendations for when the code in question should be used and suggestions for alternates when it might not be the best code for the desired result. I liked the look of it when I catalogued a copy for Calgary Public Library and knew I was really onto a good thing when our IT person, who built and maintains the company's webpage (along with several zillion other duties), said that he knew it all when I showed it to him, flipped it open to a random page, stared, said "I didn't know that" and kept on reading. ***GRIN***

There's an online version available here if you want to check it out (my preference is for the print copy, since I like the ability to easily flip back and forth between related topics on different pages)
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