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My suspicion appears to have been correct ... that the webpage problem was tied into the weirdly set-up source data downloaded from IMDb and not the html; I created a new record for "Prime Suspect" with a couple of episodes included, handtyping the info instead of doing so much as a scrap of IMDb retrieval and it works fine.

So sometime over the next few days I'll get 'round to completing the new "Prime Suspect" record, create a new one for "Touching Evil" and then we'll be in business!

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and input ... you all helped me eliminate some possibilities and learn a few new things! ☺☺☺

P.S. Why I suspected the data after discovering that the weirdness lay not only with the "Touching Evil" record, but with "Prime Suspect" as well: In IMDb, television series are generally set up as a main record, with the episodes as subrecords (I've been a volunteer contributor/editor with IMDB for the past 3+ years, so I know their system well). Except for these two programs ... even though they are technically TV series, for some reason whoever originally entered them into IMDb set each season up as a separate miniseries instead of in the TV series format. Therefore, when I downloaded IMDb data into my software, I had to bring each season in separately and then merge them into single records rather than having the entire series download into a single record. These are the only two titles I own that got handled this way and the only two I've found in my page that were doing the "35" display, therefore it seemed logical to me, especially since the html is automatically generated from an .xsl template in an identical format for each title rather than being constructed from scratch, that the original merged data had something hidden but wonky in it that was derailing the html in some way. Of course if another "35" turns up somewhere, that derails that theory, but so far, so good. ;p
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