JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

One of life's little html mysteries

We have two web pages, A and B. Page A has a link on it that leads to subpage B. All the coding in both pages appears to be correct, when B is opened and viewed in the webhost site, it pops up looking exactly how it should look, webwise. When the pages are tested using File, Open in Explorer, they work perfectly. Yet, when the pages are accessed via the webhost, and the link in A is clicked, a page that is blank except for the number "35" appears instead of B (there is no "35" anywhere in B, in the code or the visible text; however, if I use "view source" I get a Notepad page with just "35" on it, even though that's not what I see when I open the same file in the webhost). C, D, E, and all the other subpages, which are coded identically to B, and some of which contain even more data (so size isn't the issue) open and look just as they should.

To see this exciting thing happen live on your screen, go here, scroll down to "Touching Evil" and click on the link to see the "35" page ... click on any of the other titles and you get the plot description, cast, episodes (if any), etc.

I've checked the coding against a working link and they're identical (and the link name on page A IS correct ... as I said, the link works properly in unloaded tests), run database repair, rerun the html generator twice, reloaded the files via FTP twice, reloaded the files manually via the webhost twice (twice because I also copied the DVD record as a new entry and erased the original).

Any suggestions from the pros out there? (I'm throwing myself on my buddies' mercy before I do the thing I'm hoping to avoid ... kill the original record and rebuild the DVD record from scratch, on the assumption that copying is bringing some kind of invisible error along for the ride)

UPDATE: Hmmmm ... came across the "Touching Evil" glitch by chance, but have now done some looking around and the same thing is happening to "Prime Suspect". Now these two do have something in common ... they are very oddly set up in Internet Movie DataBase and CATVids links to IMDb. And the IMDb connections are tied to the episode data, not the main data. Interesting ...
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