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Break out the industrial-strength sunglasses!

Made m'self a new pair of vividly-coloured, schlep-around-home pants a couple of months ago, but have noticed recently that my old pair are starting to show the first signs of disintegration ... the teensiest splits beginning along the inner folds of the waist casing (over the past four years they've likely been worn and laundered more than any other garment I own ... the price of being really comfy favourites is premature fabric aging). So decided to be prepared and dropped into the local quilting shop on the way home to browse the gaudy batiks and tie-dyes (I have rules about these pants ... they must be excessively colourful and complexly-patterned, and quilting shops have a the best selection of this type of fabric ... especially this one, which is allegedly the largest of its kind in Canada)

The shop came through once again ... I purchased a length of cotton in shades of bright red, yellow and blue, with leaf-shaped stencilling and splotches that look as if drops of diluted bleach were scattered over the fabric. Ideal for waking myself up by just looking down at my own legs. ;p

And then I spotted another colourway that just had to be purchased ... a full rainbow of colour from side-to-side, patterned with metallic gold dots. Too nice for 'round the house garb ... I require that to be fully washer-and-dryer-able and I know that the gold doesn't survive too many visits to a dryer. So dunno for sure what I'll do with it ... right now I'm thinking my favourite oversized shirt pattern, in the variation that's gathered to a yoke so as many of the colours as possible can be across the back. I shall have to see ...

And you shall too! Warning:
Colours are much brighter than they appear (it's gray and rainy outside, which dulled 'em down a bit during the photo session)

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