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Webpage update

As of last night, genres are now part of the movie collection descriptions. I have to play a bit more with those ... just installed a software upgrade and one of the enhancements is the ability to assign multiple genres to a title (previously users were limited to one genre ... so, for example, "Blazing Saddles" could be listed as a comedy or as a western ... now it can be both!)

Other little improvements happening to all the lists ... I was still in the process of doing a proper job of cataloguing my music when I moved the webpages, so many a tracklisting, composer, performer, etc., still to add (although everything at least is on the list, even if in skeletal form). Plus cover scans and synopses are an ongoing task ... Oh, and, wherever possible, in the music section I'm adding links to further album info/sample tracks (staying away from Amazon and other such dealers because those are too ephemeral, but if the record company or the artist's own webpage has sample tracks, full tracks, history, lyrics, etc. on 'em, then they'll get linked)

On the to-do list for the immediate future ... call number listing for movies (which, like the books, will provide subject/genre groupings), plus delve into the mysteries of the custom fields to try to create automatic correct sorting for the call numbers (and a humongous thank you to olov for all his excellent and inspiring suggestions on that). And see if I can wrestle some kind of genre/style listing into the music ... the software's canned genre settings for tunes are a fixed, unchangeable list and, quite frankly, I've got recordings that don't fit any of the categories (and I dislike the wordings/layout of the settings that do match what I own). Probably more playing with the custom fields for this too (although I'll check the user forums to see what solutions/workarounds others have come up with ... no sense in reinventing the wheel if I don't have to).

And then there's always catching and correcting my spectacular collection of typos (I must only type synopses when I'm really tired or something ...)
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