JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Updated update!

More code tweaking and I've now got a variant booklist up in JLS' Collections ... this one is in order by Library of Congress call number, which means the books are grouped by subject. For those not up on their LC, there's a link to an outline of the classification system right below the link to the books in LC order ... this should help you figure out roughly which section of the list to look at (and if you run into difficulties, you can always ask me!)

Note: The sorting of the LC numbers is not perfect ... BookCAT reads the numeric section as individual digits instead of as a number and sorts accordingly. Back in the days of the old LC-order list, I used to hand-edit the html before loading ... shan't do that for now, as I've been adding cover images/synopses and reloading daily, but once that's done (or close enough) and I'm back to only needing to load updates once in a while, I'll go back to re-arranging the list into the correct order. Until then, I'm afraid you'll be finding DT12.25 after DT117, instead of preceding it as it should.
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