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JLS' Collections now houses a fancy new booklist! After running and reviewing all the different templates available to me, I've pulled and reassembled the bits of .xml code for features I liked in each one to make what you'll now see if you head over to the site and click on the reading list. Still only a "by authors" version available (for the moment), but you'll now see cover thumbnails and reading material types on the main list ... click on the title and you'll get a larger cover image and more info on that particular book.

Running this shows me how many of my records are still missing cover images, so I see a fair amount of scanning in my future. Still a ton of summaries to type in as well, but you will find them here and there (I'm unlikely to bother with summaries for the ebooks, since you can click'n'read 'em on the spot). Do let me know if you spot any typos or come across any ghastly-blurry cover images (pre-scanner I had to hunt down whatever I could find on the Internet and some of 'em are pretty bad) so I can do fixes; ditto if something has caught your eye and lacks a summary ... let me know and it'll jump to the head of the queue)

All this made MUCH easier (and faster) by finding some FTP software which means I can leave the computer merrily taking care of loading all the files (nearly 10,000 make up the booklist) while I do something more interesting.

Similar improvements to the video and music lists coming in the near future!

P.S. Just pulled up some collection statistics ... I've got 1,286 free ebooks indexed in this list. So you'll not suffer from "nothing to read" for a LONG time. ***GRIN*** Oh, and an alert for kat1392 ... came across another Joyce book in the new batch of University of California free ebooks: "The trouble with genius", by Bob Perelman.
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