JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Something useful (especially for those playing with translations)

Always having a need for various diacritics in my work and my fun stuff, and, being frustrated by the very limited alt + numbers code lists available on the Internet (only the most common French, Spanish, and German diacritics, with a few token others thrown in), I devoted a little time from this summer's numerous rainy evenings and days to playing with my keyboard and making notes. The result ... a far more comprehensive diacritics list (plus a ton of symbols). Finally did some basic coding and loaded it into my webpage tonight at JLS' Improved alt123 Diacritics/Symbols List (accessible via regular channels by choosing "Reference and Research" from the main menu and then skipping to the "Dictionaries & Languages" section. I promise I'll arrange it into a nicer multi-column or table or something format later (I really will, as I need to put this on the cataloguer's webpage I do for work too).

Actually discovered WAY more symbols and images than listed here, but many of them won't work in Notepad or Wordpad, so more experimentation is needed before I can put 'em up (all suggestions, as always, welcome). I can tell you that alt 1 will give you a smiley, alt 2 is a negative smiley, alt 3-6 are the four playing card suites, alt 11 is the symbols for female and alt 12 the symbol for male, alt 12-13 are musical notes, etc., etc. (these all work in email, Word, and Word Processor)

The diacritic list isn't complete ... I'm still on the hunt for macrons for all letters (the one that looks like a hyphen over the letter) and for the Arabic "h" with a dot under it, among others. The hunt shall continue ...

EDIT: Well, heck, THAT was easy ... change the font I'm working with in my html document and suddenly more symbols work!

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