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The luxury of a take-it-easy morning ...

Monday is a holiday here, plus I'm on summer hours at work which means I have Friday afternoons off ... as we're well-ahead on book-batches-catalogued-and-ready-for-processing, it only seemed logical to take this morning off as well and make a 4-day weekend of it.

Undecided whether I'll do anything or just luxuriate in laziness and nothing at all ... just gonna do what my mood of the moment dictates. :-)

EDIT: Just to add to my pleasure, Baba is subbing for the regular morning DJ ... I adore Baba 'cause he treats every piece of music he plays as a new source of wonder and joy (sadly his current regular gig is the graveyard slot, so I only get to hear him when he's doing vacation or sickday coverage ... happily he seems to volunteer to do most of that)

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