JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

More t-shirt (and other things) coveting ...

This one I'm definitely getting ... it's what cataloguing is all about: BCF

Too wordy for a t-shirt (anything printed across the chest should take less than a second to read), but I do need a new tote bag: book curse

Not for me, but for some reason I immediately thought of libwitch: ferrets

Oh, so tempting, but the Dewey number is incorrect and I just can't wear a mistake (knitting is 746.432: library knits

Ooooo ... now this is good!: library advocacy

And my sick and twisted side covets this: blender

The sudden interest in t-shirts lately is due to much of my ancient collection of favourites simultaneously starting to get ... well ... "lacy". Time to start collecting together candidates for repopulating the herd (plus I'd like a few more for work, just because they're more convenient than fumbling with buttons in the far-too-early a.m.)
Tags: clothes

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