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I've been online shopping for goodies for Mom, who has CD-playing capability now ... yay! Just a few items that are in my own collection that I know she'll like too. :-)

Don Messer's Violin, by Frank Leahy: "Don Messer's Jubilee" was essential Canadian family viewing when I was a kid, in much the same way that Ed Sullivan was in the States. I went to high school with Frank Leahy, who was a suberb fiddle-player even back then, and who plays like the reincarnation of Messer today (which is why Messer's widow presented him with her husband's instrument).

Cowboy Celtic, by David Wilkie and The McDades: a bit country and western, a bit Celtic, a bit folk, and a lotta very good (the musicians are all from around here and are regulars at the local music festivals, so I'm also doing my bit to support local talent)

Frankie Howerd at the Establishment and at the BBC, by, of course, the late Frankie Howerd. Mr. Howerd was a favourite comedian at our house, and I still adore him and his special brand of humour (wish more of the rest of his material would be made available over here!)

Naughty, bawdy & blue, by Maria Muldaur: Hey, this is my mother, not yours ... half of the parenting team that raised us on Monty Python, Carry On and similar stuff ... this is her kind of humour (actually, this is a compensation recording ... she was interested in The art of the bawdy song, but that's not currently available ... I'll have to do some checking out of the alternate sources later)
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