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Now I know pickings are slim for squirrels/ratcats around here at the best of times ... the only natural food supply in our courtyard is the cones of the evergreens growing there.

But I just saw a squirrel pick up a piece of branch that must be about a foot long and as thick as my thumb and scamper off with it. Once a bit away from the other foraging squirrels, it settled down and started gnawing on one end of it. Now these critters aren't normally bark or wood eaters, and I've never seen them mess about with bits of tree other than to climb on them ... to be honest it looks like the little guy is sharpening the end to make a primitive spear. Wonder if it's war against the other squirrels or a jackrabbit hunt in the offing? Or perhaps reprisals against the elusive magpies and crows? (who alternate between tormenting the squirrels for fun and raiding their food stashes)

Whatever's gonna happen, it'll certainly be ... interesting ... =O
Tags: wildlife

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