JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Gotcher sunglasses?

(remember, click on thumbnail for larger view)

Guess this little guy finally adjusted to the move ... first blooms since coming to Calgary. Wonder if the other violet (Cherries & Cream) will also bloom this year?

A paperweight purchased at Ten Thousand Villages ... yes, it's a rock, but a rock decorated with using Vietnamese process that dates back to the eighth century ... eight to sixteen layers of lacquer, with each layer polished to a mirror finish and with portions of the painting between different layers to give a three dimensional appearance. Normally the paintings are of goldfish, with the artist's thumbprint forming the body, and I've always been able to resist ... but how could any Lexx fan pass up dragonflies? Photo doesn't do the artwork justice (and this sucker is so shiny getting any photo at all is a miracle) ... the orange paint is iridescent and so vivid one feels it really should glow in the dark.

EDIT: Ten Thousand Villages has a better photo of a lacquered paperweight here,
Tags: sewing

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