JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Had planned ...

... to grab the c-train downtown and visit the Glenbow Museum today, but waking to rain pouring down kinda "dampened" my enthusiasm for that ... too much opportunity downtown for me to lean my umbrella against something while I fumble for wallet, tickets, etc., and then stroll off without it. And I wouldn't count on it being there when I went back, as drought-accustomed Calgarians become serious brolly scavengers when the clouds open up ... since mine is a very nice full-sized device (not one of the next-to-useless "compact" items usually seen here) with a Monet painting printed on it, I ain't taking any chances. So, instead, vivid cotton is in the washing machine being pre-shrunk and I'm gonna do something about excavating the table for fabric cutting.

Meanwhile, outside, the rain continues to shower on the brightly sunlit trees and grass ... as there are more dark clouds visible in the sky, this will likely change to another downpour in the shade shortly. :p

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainfree and therefore good for downtown trekking, according to the Environment Canada website's current forecast ... of course that prediction could change drastically in the next five minutes ...

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