JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just so I can claim I've done something useful today ...

... although I really do think reading Mallick and getting groceries both qualify ***GRIN*** ... I've just had a thorough cleanout of the kitchen cupboards where food lives. Amazing what one finds when one gets past the front layers of frequently-used-and-replaced stuff (why was there half a bag of rice krispies in that back corner? I don't eat them as cereal and I don't make rice krispie squares and I don't remember buying the horrid things ... out they go!) Anything still in a Nutter's bag went straight to trash (there is, sadly, no Nutter's in Calgary, which means I bought it in Lethbridge ... EEK!!!), as did anything that I know I haven't cooked in ages (can't remember the last time I cooked bulgur and wheat products do go rancid ... bye-bye bottom inch left in jar! ditto for that half-inch of musty-smelling white sugar ... I haven't bought or used the stuff since before I moved here ... so long!)

Hate to be wasteful of food, but hate the idea of making myself sick by cooking something I blew the dust off of even more ... now the cupboard is down to stuff that is packaged in a way that means deterioration is measured in fairly lengthy spans of time (tins, soup & sauce packets, etc.) and/or things that I know have been purchased within living memory (I know I keep buying a new suppy of barley 'cause that's my indispensable side dish/salad food). Even unearthed a mini-shelf in the rear corner that I'd forgotten I owned, so now that's up front and being a useful organizer for current stuff. And now I have a supply of storage jars to fill up with new stuff (after washing and airing)

This keeps up, I may even vacuum!

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