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Well, kinda blew the intent to get monthly chats going in 2008 (blame that on unexpected even-more-short-staffedness-than-usual at work and my hauling home stuff to do during evenings & weekends as part of the attempt to keep my dept. somewhat on schedule).

But things are sort of under control again, not just in my dept. but in all depts. ... as the boss said a couple of days ago, it's still overwork chaos, but it's manageable overwork chaos ***GRIN***

So, since my weekend is wide open, I'm thinking of prying open the ViRC chatroom this Saturday (June 21, 2008) ... will try to backtrack through my and tommdroid's instruction/location posts from last time and get 'em all compiled in here tomorrow. Once again, it'll open up early so that participants on the other side of the globe can come and play while they're awake enough to be coherent.

Hope some of you can make it and that it's as much fun as last time (way back around New Year's ... and it WAS fun!)
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