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What does McAfee do ... nobble your system for the entire 12th month of your virus protection or something? I've been having major problems with Live Journal for a month ... started a couple of days before LJ had its own major system upheaval and I endured having every screen take ten minutes to load (if it did at all) during the two weeks of the crisis. After that, even though things are supposed to be all patched up, my LJ has still been on the slow side, often giving me red "x"s instead of my friends' user icons and giving me time to run little within-the-apartment errands while waiting for links or lj-cuts to come up on the screen (I've been writing posts in Word and then pasting them into LJ, after losing a couple when the wretched thing decided to fail rather than update my journal).

Then tonight, with an expiry date drawing nigh, I renew my McAfee and now, suddenly, LJ is working just the way it used to ... loading fast and with all icons and links immediately visible. Hrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ***makes mental note to keep an eye on computer speeds NEXT June***

UPDATE: Well, I've now altered the settings so the fancy new security will quit putting all my LJ messages into the blocked messages file :P ... now I just need to figure out how to make it quit labeling intelligent, insightful comments as [spam] (so far, even though I've customized the filter to accept anything with "LJ Comment" in the header, it still sticks that nasty little label on my buddies)

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