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Read yesterday ...

James H. Schmitz's The Demon Breed, which I found in a used-book store earlier in the week and which I pounced upon because I love the only other book of his that I've read (The Witches of Karres). "The Demon Breed" lived up to the praise blurbs on the cover ... gripping and good and the kind of insight into an alien mind that I associate with (and expect from) C.J. Cherryh. Really MUST make an effort to seek out more of his stuff (along with a ton of other authors ... you all know the lament: so much to read, so little time!)

Have now started Glen Cook's shiny-newest Garrett P.I. novel (v. 12 in the series): Cruel Zinc Melodies. Love how the characters and the city of TunFaire have evolved over the years ... the generations-long war with the Venageti has been over for a year and now the city is flooded with discharged soldiers seeking jobs, and the resources and industries that used to be tied up with military contracts are free to diversify. One of those diversifications will be TunFaire's first multiplex stage theatre ... provided Garrett can figure out who's sabotaging the construction with ghosts and giant roaches ...

Three chapters in and loving it!
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