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A weekend without invoices!!! :-)

Yesterday I finished reading Quiet, please : dispatches from a public librarian, by Scott Douglas. Amusing writing, and I've met many of his problem patrons (as has anybody who has worked anywhere near the public). I was saddened,though, by the author's apathetic attitude towards his job/profession (and towards much of life in general, for that matter); he did leave me wondering why he bothered with library school as there's no indication that he actually learned (or made an effort to learn) anything there (must also look up California's definition of "library technician", as he got hired as one without any qualifications at all ... I can only assume that in that state, unlike Canada, it's a low-level job title rather than a profession).

So yes, well worth reading for the the mostly funny side of the wide range of problem patrons (and a few good ones) who wander into libraries, but definitely not for inspiration to join the library profession ... the writings of slacker workers just don't make good advertising.

Elsewhere on the reading front, acquired and read Sam Kieth's Zero Girl yesterday ... now I HAVE to get my hands on and read Zero Girl: Full Circle. Not even going to try the describe it ... as readers of Kieth's better-known "The Maxx" will know, his stories are too complex for that. Trust me, it's good.

And today I'll be starting The Devil in Amber by Mark Gatiss ... I was quite surprised to learn that this member of the darkly hilarious League of Gentlemen was novel-writing on the side, so HAD to buy it right away at a regular bookstore rather than wait until a special order meandered in via work. Will let you know whether it was worth pouncing on ... although the fact that it bears a recommendation by Stephen Fry on the cover is pretty promising. :-)
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