JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

I swear, jackrabbits MUST have cat ancestry ...

Have just watched one, with a summer brown body but still wearing long white winter stockings, stttrrrrreeeeetttttccccchhhhh with its rump up in the air and chest to the ground, with front legs reached out as far in front as possible, just like a cat does. They all rest in the traditional catloaf position (always with their ears flattened against their backs to enhance the feline silhouette). And then there was that arched-backs-and-practically-spitting-at-each-other territory dispute last spring ...

I'm tellin' ya, some palaeontologist is gonna dig in the right place one day and reveal to the world a missing link that knocks the whole rodent-relative thing right out of the water ... ;p
Tags: wildlife

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