JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Questionnaire meme

Snitched from zappo

1. Would you chew gum after someone else already has?
I don't chew gum at all (but if I did, the answer would be "no")

2. What describes your relationship status?

3. Who was your last 5 calls from?
According to my answering machine, a mixture of local politicians (provincial elections on Mon. Mar. 3) and telemarketers

4. Are you a heart breaker, or the broken heart?

5. Ever been skinny dipping?
No. Mainly because the rivers where I grew up were famed for their leeches.

6. Earrings or necklace?

7. Who have you talked to most this weekend?
Myself (unless email counts, in which case it was T.)

8. Pumpkins?

9. Friend that lives closest to you?

10. Color of your shirt?
Tweedy light grey

11. How many years have you taken a language?
Nine years of French

12. Who's on speed dial 2?
Only have speed dial 1

13. What color is your background on your computer mainscreen?
Oddly enough, considering question 8, a medium pumpkin orange

14. Do you wish on 11:11?

15. Good advice if you ever go camping?
Plan for rain. And leaks.

16. Are you a bad influence?
Depends on your definition. According to most of my friends, "yes" (but in a good bad way)

17. What color are your eyes?

18. Would you rather have your name or your siblings name?

19. Would you do anything for someone?
Yes, depending on the someone

20. Have you ever been called a bitch?

21. Fav. color?
Dark crimson

22. Do you use smiley faces on the computer?

23. What song is on?
Theme music of "Men Behaving Badly" (the original British version)

24. Are your grades good?
They were back when I had grades

25. Do you ever think people hate you for filling these out?
Probably. But that's why the mice evolved scrollers, so they could pass on by

26. Would you date anyone on your facebook friends?
Considering half of them are very close relatives ... :p

27. Does your best friend have a Facebook?
Don't do the pointless "best friend" thing ... real friendship isn't a competition. Some of my dear friends have Facebook

28. Whose page did you visit last visit?
My university-attending nephew ... keeping in touch with what's going on with him is the only reason I have a Facebook account

29. Last time you went out to lunch?
Can't recall. I tend to go out for dinner ...

30. Do you watch the Gilmore Girls?

31. Have you ever enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson?

32. Have you ever seen or enjoyed watching the O.C.?

33. Do you have one or more Britney Spears C.D.s?

34. Which radio stations are your favorites?

35. Are you a Lost fanatic?

36. Still have pictures of your ex?

37. Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library?

38. Alanis Morisette?

39. Do you watch Family Guy Regularly?

40. King of the Hill?

41. Do you read trashy romance novels often?
I read one in my teens. It took that two-novel-day-kid nearly three months to get through (it was an obligation ... the book was a gift from my grandmother, so I'd be reading something "decent" instead of Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Ian Fleming, Isaac Asimov, etc.)

43. Do you sing obnoxiously in the car?
Only when there's something catchy on the radio

44. Do you ever sing obnoxiously in the shower?

45. Have you ever watched a little kid's show?
Yes, both as child and as adult

46. Have you ever pretended your crush was with you when they weren't?
No. Never did the crush thing.

47. Did you draw pictures for your first crush back in elementary?
No ... see above.

48. Have you ever liked a girl/boy but didn't ask her/him out because you were afraid?

49. Have you ever written a poem or story about your life?

50. Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about nothing but a certain person?

51. Have you ever liked someone solely because of their appearance?

52. Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis?
No. But it pretty much balances out on a weekly basis

53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization?
ROTFLMAO!!!!! at the very concept (cataloguers are easily some of the messiest and disorganized people on the planet)

54. Have you ever been to South America or Africa?

55. Do you know how to knit?

56. Do you have a cell phone or iPod with a patterned cover?

57. Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them on facebook?

58. Do you keep a diary or journal online?
LiveJournal (there's a certain pleasure in entering that in a meme obviously sponsored by Facebook)

59. When you open your closet, what is the dominant color?
Presumably this is a wardrobe question ... all the colours of the rainbow

60. Baskin Robbins or Coldstone?
Have only had Baskin Robbins, so it'll have to be that

61. Physics or chemistry?
Chemistry scores a few points higher, but they're both necessary compliments to my fave: Biology

62. Earphones or headphones?
Preferably neither. But when it's necessary, headphones

63. Pink or teal?
Depends on the shade of either colour ... pastel = yuck; clear & bright = yum

64. Earrings or a ring?

65. Commitment or casual dating?
Casual hanging out

66. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars?
Lord of the Rings

67. Fly or road trip?
Road trip when possible ... I like driving (and knowing exactly where my luggage is)

68. Starbucks?

69. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Never been a Disney fan ... "That Darn Cat" or any of the old Kurt Russell films are acceptable

70. Have you ever bought clothing at Sears?
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