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London Below!!!!!

Happy HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!

Just bought "Neverwhere" DVD (actually went into store to see if any new Lexx disks and saw it) and am happily playing while writing (new apartment may be smaller, but on upside, can see and hear TV from computer) LJ stuff. Had taped it from PBS broadcast several years ago, but was very fuzzy (as was our PBS at the time) and part of most of Earl's Court sequence was missing due to cable conking out one night. Now have it ALL!!! MUCH nicer ... since series is so dark, many details lost on VHS, but everything VERY visible on DVD. Also includes BBC interview with Neil Gaiman and Gaiman commentary on all episodes.

Have survived second week of new job ... as libraries go, Calgary Public Library has more weird cataloguing quirks than any ten other places combined. But am getting better and better at remembering or spotting the oddities ... it's mainly a matter of retraining my vision to new patterns (and unlearning nearly twenty years of academic cataloguing patterning). But it's interesting and my rusted, old Dewey Decimal skills are slowly returning and I'm having fun (and getting paid for having fun) and that's the important thing.

Another weekend ... even though I'm exhausted, actually would rather it wasn't Friday yet ... notice that I'm living alone again the most on weekends (work can be such a WONDERFUL distraction from one's personal life ***wry grin***). Hopefully will make some progress in sorting out clothes and getting them put away/hung up this weekend, and get the kitchen into some sort of order instead of stuff flung willy nilly into cupboards (hey, I have PRIORITIES ... books/bookcases, entertainment centre/electronics/movies/music and computer were the ESSENTIALS!!!)

Oooo ... we're at Earl's Court now!!!! Gotta see the bits I've only read up 'til now!
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