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For my fellow fibre arts devotees

I favourited yet another massive load of new fibre, pattern & supply links last night (the peril of buying new issues of "Australian Stitches" and "Interweave Knits" on the same grocery trip), took one look at the already huge existing "Supplies & Patterns" list on my relevant web page and despaired. Well, sorta. Who knew it would ever get so big? :p

This morning I deleted the note about users being on their own as far as who sold what and started a category process; this is gonna take me a long while ... it's barely at drop in the bucket stage right now and it's gonna take me a LONG while to complete, but at least it's begun ... take a look and, as always, all suggestions welcome (and if anybody's bored enough to check links and list where a few of 'em should go, be my guest!)
Tags: knitting, sewing

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