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Major league happy SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

('scuse all the exclamation marks ... I'm happy and if you were here I would be loud, very loud about it)

Peter's Friends has been released on DVD!!! This is, IMO, the BESTEST buddy/ensemble movie ever made. And the cast!!! The famous ones alphabetically: Kenneth Branagh, Alphonsia Emmanuel, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Phyllida Law, Rita Rudner, Tony Slattery, Imelda Staunton, and Emma Thompson!

I love love LOVE this film. And I'm excited because my VHS copy (a rarity itself) has that fuzzy look that movies-on-tape that've been watched a zillion times get. And because I check about once a week to see if there's any sign that a DVD is forthcoming and there was no pre-order warning or anything ... it's just suddenly on Amazon.ca with a release date of Feb. 12, 2008. Must now dash off to Chapters-Indigo to see if they've got it listed, just because if I can order it through them I could actually have it in my hands next week!
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