JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A new website launched today ...

... by Project KARE: the Alberta Missing Persons and Unidentified Human Remains Website (I'd recommend waiting a couple of days to check it out ... the poor newborn thing is being hit so much today that I think it's blown its bandwidth). It is a good idea ... Alberta and southern British Columbia have a very high rate of unidentified homicide victims, due to repeated economic booms in these areas bringing in a large transient population and, unfortunately, the predators that go along with that. :-( Making photos and reconstructions so widely available to help identification will bring closure and an end to wondering to many families and may also help with investigations ... if only one arrest/conviction comes out of this, it will have been worthwhile.

Until the site itself recovers from first-day blitzing, here's more info from CBC
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