JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Saturday morning sillies

Since I was rooting around in the Royal Canadian Air Farce site anyway, to dig out the link for my previous post, what the heck ... here's some old fave audio and video classics from that team:

PMS Airlines

Didgeridoo Expert

The Science of Tooting

I Get to See You Naked

Professor Wombat's Vegetables

Literary Holdup Note

GST Hotline

MP for Kicking Horse Pass

Female Condom

Mobile Phones on Train

CTV News With Lloyd Robertson (this is the real Lloyd Robertson, Canada's equivalent to Walter Kronkite, spoofing himself ... the Peter Mansbridge he keeps mentioning is a newscaster from a rival network)

Smokers' Café: Same-Sex Benefits

One Fat Lady: Genetically Altered Food

Spitting Hockey Players

Leonard Cohen's Valentine DVD

Céline Dion at Customs

Star Wars DVD Promo

Tags: listening, viewing

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