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Trivial, but important, things learned last night

If you're caught in a series of cloudbursts while shopping, linen jeans and top are the best things to be wearing ... linen may wrinkle like crazy, but body heat dries it practically instantly once you're in the store or the car. Experiment conducted several times with consistent results. :-)))))

On way to shopping, passed a sign announcing opening of sub shop ... meaning that I now have what I consider the holy trinity of fast food (my style of fast food, anyway) in the neighbourhood: Swiss Chalet (already a handy couple of blocks down the street when I moved here ... I think Lethbridge was the only city in Canada that DIDN'T have a Chalet), Pita Pit (opened just after Christmas, a few blocks away), and Quiznos (newly opened this week, halfway between home and local branch library, with very entertaining trainee staff ***grin***). Very glad to have tasty local options available when I don't feel like cooking. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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