JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A call for sites

Figure I might as well take advantage of the variety of minds and tastes that I'm lucky enough to know for this. At the ULS/CPL team leader dinner a couple of weeks ago, discussion at my end of the table was, for a while, about graphics ... CPL is trying very hard to build up a good collection (trust me, as the person who catalogues 'em, I can vouch for that), but the demand far outstrips the supply. So they're working on getting bigger and better as fast as possible and are looking for reviews and publishers (for descriptions). I've supplied them with every link I currently have, plus gave them the link to my page so they can keep up with any updates (I also gave them a list of stuff from my personal collection that wasn't in theirs just before Christmas ... those are all currently on order)

However, if anybody knows of a good graphics review site that covers books (ones that only cover magazines will be no help at this stage ... they need to buy what's currently available rather than plan for what might be in a couple of years) or even a regular book review site that features graphics reasonably frequently, the address would be much appreciated. Ditto for any publisher sites that I don't have listed.

Think of it as making some of my future workdays very pleasant ... I like working with the graphics collection, even though it often dangerously leads to new purchases of my own. :p

P.S. Manga is a big "seller" with the patrons of all ages, so any good guides to that are welcome; there's only a few manhwa (Korean) and no manhua (Chinese) titles in the collection, so leads on those would be great too (yes, I know I don't have the manga publishers on my page ... yet; CPL are getting titles from the big manga translation houses like VIZ Media, so I know they're aware of several of those)

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